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Abigail Whistler vs. Gretel
by JohnnyChany

King Kong vs. Rhedosaurus
by Boratz

Confederacy of Independent Systems vs. The Covenant (Halo)
by Mercenaryblade

Zack and Ivy and Detroit / Delta City vs. Death-Stalker and The Deadly Mantis vs. Paleosaurus (The Giant Behemoth) and Tabanga
by Venom 2009

Justice League (DCAU) vs. The Thing (John Carpenter)
by Venom 2009

Dick Dastardly vs. Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale
by broadwaybeyonder

J.A.R.V.I.S. vs. Shantae vs. Yakuza
by leroypowell3

Golobulous vs. Emperor Han
by leroypowell3

Rawhead Rex and Grid Alien and The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) vs. Upgrade Predator and Pumpkinhead and Eve (Species II)
by WeAreVenom88

Jack Darbey vs. WarDuke vs. The Frye Twins
by Mercenaryblade