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Cy-Gor is a fictional character from the comic book, Spawn and featured in his own 6 part mini-series Cy-Gor. He is a part-man, part-gorilla meshed together with cybernetics to create a dangerous killing machine. His real name is Michael Konieczni, and he was once a friend of Al Simmons.

During The Agency’s quest to develop the ultimate controllable supersoldier, Jason Wynn and his overseas military allies discovered that a Taiwan cartel was at least three years ahead of them on a similar project. Wynn sent in his best soldier, Al Simmons, to steal the data and eliminate the competition under the guise that they were a terrorist organization whose project would threaten the safety of the United States. Simmons infiltrated the lab, hacked into their computer systems and retrieved the data. He then destroyed the lab and all records contained in it, save those now in his possession. He returned to the United States and gave the data to Wynn.

This data was combined with The Agency’s own research and a new project was initiated, codenamed Project: SIM (also known as Project: SIMIAN).

Shortly afterwards Simmons had been killed on the order of Wynn, and one of the younger agents was ready to blow the whistle on the assassination. Konieczni had trained under Simmons and was a close personal friend. Simmons had been his mentor. Before he could go public he was captured by The Agency and became the test subject of Project: SIM.

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