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Conker the Squirrel

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This is a list of video game characters in the Conker series, consisting of mostly Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded.

In Conker's Pocket Tales, Conker the Squirrel has to rescue his girlfriend, Berri, from the Evil Acorn; the same version of Conker appears in Diddy Kong Racing, where he is a playable character.

In the newer games, the protagonist Conker is a greedy, heavy drinking, red squirrel. Conker, though highly materialistic and never afraid to insult, always approaches new characters with a positive outlook. Conker's adventures occur because he gets drunk and wanders in the opposite direction to his home. In the XBLA version of Banjo Kazooie, his picture is seen in the Rusty Bucket Bay level where Berri's originally was.

Berri is Conker's girlfriend, she began as a orange/brown-furred chipmunk the same approximate size as Conker in Conker's Pocket Tales but since Conker's Bad Fur Day she is thin and curvaceous, grey-furred, and more than twice Conker's height. Conker and Berri form a close relationship, though she is frustrated by his regular drinking. Berri gets abducted by a rock man to dance at a nightclub. Conker saves her, but the Bouncer takes him to the mafia boss Don Weaso. Berri oddly doesn't believe that the "caveman" is Conker and leaves. She later appears in a Trinity outfit working for Weaso. Conker joins her in robbing the Feral Reserve Bank, a spoof of The Matrix. Afterwards they encounter the Panther King, who had Weaso double-cross them. He then orders Weaso to kill Berri, who is then shot to death. Berri is portrayed as a ditzy, stereotypical valley girl with entirely pink possessions and a naive but no-nonsense attitude. She (or at least, a beta version of her from Twelve Tails) makes a minor cameo in Banjo-Kazooie; a bunk bed in a cabin in Rusty Bucket Bay has a poster of her hanging above it. Berri is voiced by Louise Ridgeway.

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