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Terry Bogard

CBUB Wins: 2
CBUB Losses: 14
Win Percentage: 12.50%

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is a fictional, video game character created by SNK Playmore (previously SNK), and is the main character of the Fatal Fury series. In the series, he is an American fighter who enters the worldwide tournaments called The King of Fighters to kill Geese Howard, a criminal who killed Terry's father. Terry becomes a formidable fighter, earning the title of "Legendary Hungry Wolf". In the fourth tournament he participates, Terry nearly kills Geese, but recants from doing so. Geese responds to this by committing suicide. Terry then decides to become the guardian of Geese's son, Rock Howard.

In addition to video game, Terry has appeared in anime films based on his adventures from the Fatal Fury series, as well as soundtracks and manga serialized to Japanese monthly manga magazine Comic Bom Bom. He is also a regular character in the crossover video game series The King of Fighters, in which he continues participating in tournaments. Dating back to the first Fatal Fury, Terry is one of SNK's first fighting game characters and has appeared as a playable character in every Fatal Fury and main King of Fighters game to date. The character has been well received by video games players; he is ranked high in several popularity polls developed by SNK and video games magazines. Publications have praised the character and how he was developed from Fatal Fury to The King of Fighters. He is prominently featured on merchandise from SNK and their crossover series, becoming an icon for them.

In most of the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games, Terry wears a red, short-sleeved jacket with a white star on the back worn over a short-sleeved white t-shirt; occasionally, the shirt is sleeveless and occasionally has tattered sleeves. In the original Fatal Fury, however, Terry wears a red leather jacket that features rolled-up sleeves. He also wears fingerless gloves, blue jeans, a pair of red Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, and a red-and-white baseball/trucker cap. The character has long, blonde hair, but keeps it tied in a ponytail with bangs around his forehead/cheeks.

In Mark of the Wolves and other recent games, Terry's design consists of a brown bomber jacket with a white star on the back with the words "Running Wild" below it, as well as a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. His hair, while still notably long, is considerably shorter than his former ponytail, and flows freely instead of braiding it. All of the main King of Fighters games up until 2002 feature Terry in his Fatal Fury 2 outfit. The King of Fighters 2003 and XI feature the Mark of the Wolves depiction. In The King of Fighters XII, Terry was given his Fatal Fury 2 outfit once again because the staff wanted to "use the most macho, stand-out, original Terry" as well as to keep in line with the "original clashing of fists."

Terry Bogard Terry Bogard Terry Bogard Terry Bogard Terry Bogard

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Loss Wolverine 6 to 15

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Loss Ryu 5 to 9
Loss Sub-Zero 3 to 9

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Loss Ryu Hayabusa 36 to 63
Loss Ryu 16 to 83
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Loss Ayane 43 to 49
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Loss Reptile (Mortal Kombat) 5 to 18
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