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Nasty Boys

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The Nasty Boys, sometimes referred to incorrectly as the Nasty Boyz, are a group of supervillain mutants who have appeared in various comic book series published by Marvel Comics. This group exists in Marvel's shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe.

They are the personal strike force of X-Men and X-Factor nemesis Mister Sinister. The Nasty Boys can be distinguished from the Marauders, who were a group of mercenaries brought together by Mister Sinister to specifically kill the Morlocks.

Self-proclaimed "Nasty Boy" Slab faced X-Factor member Strong Guy before the full team appeared, The full team battled X-Factor in the next issue seemingly lead by U.S. Senator Steven Shaffran. Shaffran was, in fact, a disguised Mister Sinister who had taken the Senator's form in order to publicly discredit him as a mutant terrorist. While Sinister's reasons for doing this remain somewhat mysterious (as do most of his actions), it was probably because Shaffran was attempting to use his "ricochet" probability powers on different members of X-Factor, with the ultimate goal of killing them. Sinister's interest in the Summers' bloodline probably caused him to intervene, as he did not want anything happening to Alex Summers, X-Factor's leader Havok.

The Nasty Boys were taken into custody following their first appearance and battle in Washington D.C. Ramrod is subsequently deported from the U.S. due to his immigrant status. Both Hairbag and Slab are rescued from prison by the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF). Sinister collects Hairbag from them, but Slab stays with the MLF for several weeks to spend time with his sister, the MLF's Thumbelina.

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