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Bette Kane is a fictional character in DC Comics. She first appeared in the sixties as "Betty Kane", the Bat-Girl. Later, her character history was retcon. Her name was changed to "Bette Kane" and she took on the mantle of Flamebird.

The original Bat-Girl was Betty Kane (first appearance: Batman #139, 1961), the niece of Kathy Kane, Batwoman. After discovering her aunt's dual identity, Betty convinced Batwoman to train her as her sidekick.

Batwoman and Bat-Girl were created to be romantic interests for Batman and Robin, respectively, as well as wannabe crime-fighting associates. Bat-Girl wore a red-and-green costume to "flatter" Robin. Bat-Girl appeared seven times between 1961 and 1964, but then disappeared in 1964 (along with Batwoman, Ace the Bat-Hound, and Bat-Mite) when new Batman editor Julius Schwartz decided she and other characters were too silly. It has been suggested by scholars that the characters of Batwoman (in 1956) and Bat-Girl (in 1961) were introduced in part to refute allegations of homosexuality in Batman comics; specifically, the enduring claim that Batman and Robin were homosexual.

Although an Earth-Two Batwoman was later created in The Brave and the Bold (#182), the original Batwoman and Bat-Girl clearly resided on Earth-One. Not only were all of Bat-Girl's appearances part of the Silver Age, but also Batwoman appeared together with the Justice League of America (JLA #7) and made repeated appearances as late as March 1964 (Batman #162 and Detective #325). When Batwoman and Bat-Girl were later revived in the 1970s, they were regarded to have been inactive for several years. Then meeting up with Barbara Gordon, they were clearly considered to be part of Earth-One continuity. Bat-Girl became a member of the Teen Titans West. However, she only appeared four times in this era, at the end of the original run of the Teen Titans magazine.

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