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Arcade is a fiction character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe.

He first appeared in Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain Issue #248 (November 9, 1977), a Marvel UK black-and-white comic. This story was simultaneously colorized and released in the United States as Marvel Team-Up, Volume 1, Issue #65 (January 1978).

Due to the unique nature of both his mannerisms and deathtraps , Arcade became one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Comics universe, and went on to do battle with many other superheroes. Although confrontations with him rarely last more than one or two issues (making him more of a "guest villain") he has done battle with more superheroes from more franchises than any other Marvel comics villain except Dr. Doom , although he has never once successfully defeated any of them.

A combination of evil genius and hitman, Arcade affects a manner of dress and speech that makes him appear to be a comedic character. This is part of his overall theme, which extends into his preferred method of murder, an underground funhouse of colorful deathtrap, usually decked out in cheery colors and disguised as an amusement park, which he has dubbed "Murderworld".


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