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Sarah Connor

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Sarah Jeanette Connor is the heroine of the first two Terminator films and the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She was played by American actress Linda Hamilton in the films and by English actress Lena Headey in the TV series.

Also known as Sarah Janet Fite Harris, very little is known about Sarah's age prior to May 12, 1984 (see section " " below). In a deleted scene of the episode "The Demon Hand", the first details of Sarah's childhood are revealed during a session with Dr. Peter Silberman. When she was seven, her father - a chronically depressed war veteran - loses his mattress factory job to a machine, which leads to dysfunction within her family and her father's subsequent abandonment of them. Her mother finds a job as a waitress. Even as a child, Sarah has an intense technophobia; after her father leaves, Sarah stops spending her afternoons with her childhood friend whose father is an engineer with IBM; instead, she takes to visiting the factory where her own father had worked to watch the gears and belts of the machines, knowing something is wrong with what she sees.

In The Terminator, Sarah Connor is a young Los Angeles waitress who finds herself inexplicably pursued by a relentless cyborg killer, the Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). She learns she is in danger from a televised report of two other identically-named Los Angeles women being shot to death earlier that day. She is rescued from the Terminator by time-travelling soldier Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), who explains that in the future, an artificial intelligence called Skynet will be created by military software developers to make strategic decisions. The program becomes self-aware, seizes control of most of the world's military hardware (including various highly-advanced robots), and launches an all-out attack on human beings. However, a man named John Connor eventually leads what remains of the world's military and survivors, The Resistance, to victory, only to discover that in a last-ditch effort, Skynet had innovated a means of time travel and sent a robotic killer back in time to destroy John Connor's mother before he is born. John Connor is Sarah's future son, and he sends back a trusted sergeant (Kyle Reese) to protect his mother at all costs. During their brief time together, Sarah falls in love with Reese. Reese becomes the only thing protecting her from the Terminator, and her only companion as they flee together. Initially, she is unaware that Reese himself had been in love with her from afar, having been given a picture of her by John Connor, and having always admired her legendary strength and resilience. While they are avoiding the terminator, they share a night of intimacy that results in John's conception. Their relationship is cut short, however, when Reese dies fighting the Terminator in a Cyberdyne factory; Sarah in turn crushes the Terminator in a hydraulic press. Though Reese's death deeply saddens her, his sincerity and courage inspires Sarah to carry on and develop the necessary skills and abilities that would make her a suitable mentor and teacher to John. After these events, Sarah becomes a fugitive from society and begins making a voice recording for John in which she acknowledges his paternity to later give to her son at the proper age. While recording the tape, she stops for gas and the aforementioned photograph is taken by a young boy and sold to her. This is the same picture given to Kyle Reese by John Connor.

Sarah Connor next appears in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ten years after the events of Terminator. She and John have been separated from each other. John is living in a foster home, and Sarah has been institutionalized in Pescadero State Hospital. In the years between films, she has transformed herself from the mousy, timid woman seen at the beginning of the first movie into a muscled, ferocious warrior. In fact, the first image of her in the film is of her doing chin-ups on her hospital bed. After the death of Kyle Reese, Sarah took his warnings, and the responsibility of raising the hope of mankind, to heart. However, her fixation on the disaster and her fanatical desire to keep John safe has made her slightly mentally unstable and very violent, which is only aggravated by her fear and hatred of the T-800. She dropped off the grid to better protect herself and John. She lived a semi-criminal life among various outlaws and survivalists and attempted to teach her son the skills he would need to lead the resistance. Sarah was captured and sent to the hospital after she attempted to destroy a computer factory.

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