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Colin MacLeod

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Highlander: The Search for Vengeance is an animated film and an installment of the cult Highlander franchise. It was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and was written by David Abramowitz, also the writer for Highlander: The Series, Highlander: The Raven and Highlander: The Source. The film was a joint venture between Imagi Animation Studios and Madhouse Studio, with Imagi providing the script and the soundtrack, while Madhouse produced the animation. It was produced in association with Davis-Panzer Productions, and was distributed by Manga Entertainment on June 5, 2007. It aired July 30, 2007 on the Sci Fi Channel's Ani-Monday block.

Colin MacLeod became Immortal after his first death in 125 AD in Roman Britain, when his village was attacked by the conquering Romans. Immortal Marcus Octavius was leading the Roman Empire's military forces in hopes of creating his long-dreamt-of utopian society. Octavius killed Colin's wife, but was not able to kill Colin himself, as his unconscious body was dragged by a horse to within Stonehenge - which counts as "holy ground", where Immortals are forbidden to fight.

Waking days later within Stonehenge, Colin is left confused about who and what he is, and how he is not dead. It is at this moment that the spirit of a former druid of this holy site, Amergan, begins communicating with MacLeod, and explains to him what he is. Colin learns of The Game from Amergan, and the druid becomes his life-long teacher and conscience.

The movie interlaces flashback scenes of this and Colin's following plight for vengeance throughout time, as Marcus attempts to re-enact his utopian society through force and fear. Throughout the next two millennia, Marcus serves as a high ranking member of various powerful empires, ranging from the British colonial empire to Nazi Germany. Marcus wants to encourage the development of a utopian world-empire, but in contrast, the side he chooses tend to be ruthless and authoritarian (i.e. Nazi Germany). Colin clashes with Marcus multiple times throughout history for 2.000 years, always fighting on the opposing side trying to bring down which ever authoritarian regime Marcus is supporting. While Colin is often badly beaten neither one ever succeeds in killing the other. Though Colin is ostensibly in the role of the "barbarian" and Marcus is the bringer of "civilization", Marcus cares more about building an empire and very less about people's well-being, with an "ends-justify-the-means" mentality. Colin finds Octavius in a post-apocalyptic future New York City in the year 2187, where he has stopped simply supporting other regimes but is setting up a new empire with himself as its tyrannical leader. When Colin arrives, Marcus is busy making plans to release a deadly virus which will further his goals of conquest. Colin falls in with the disaffected rebels in the city. After a final duel, Colin defeats Octavius, and his Quickening destroys the virus in question.

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