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Wild Force Power Rangers

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The Wild Force Rangers are fictional characters and hero in the Power Rangers universe, starring as the primary protagonists in the television series Power Rangers Wild Force.

The Wild Force Rangers are granted mystical powers and charged to protect the Earth from pollution-created creatures called Orgs. More specifically, they defend the fictional city of Turtle Cove, and are stationed aboard a flying island called the Animarium. Their mentor is Princess Shayla, and her mentor is Animus (who is an ancient Megazord). The Rangers represent the Ancient Animarium Warriors who also fought to destroy the Orgs and save the Earth.

The Rangers morph using devices known as Growl Phones (which have three operating modes: normal, human-form, and Power Animal Mode that resembles an animal). Each Ranger is also armed with a Crystal Saber (into which an Animal Crystal is inserted to call a Wild Zord).

The Rangers have displayed claws on their gloves while morphed (making this team unique among Power Rangers incarnations). The Yellow Ranger, additionally, has wing-like flaps under her arms, giving her the ability to fly and glide on currents of wind.

Wild Force Power Rangers Wild Force Power Rangers

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