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Sailor Galaxia

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, a fictional organization from the Sailor Moon metaseries, groups together the villain of the fifth story arc in both the manga and the anime. Shadow Galactica as an organization devotes itself to stealing "starseeds", the essence of sentient life, from all in the universe. Its members have the ultimate goal of reorganizing the universe in the image that desires. The musicals state that they have already conquered 80% of the galaxy, and all 88 constellations - with only Usagi's solar system remaining.

emerges as Sailor Moon's strongest opponent in the manga Stars and in its anime counterpart, Sailor Stars. As such, she serves as the main antagonist in the above-mentioned story arc. As the self-proclaimed "Gold Queen of Shadow Galactica" she directly commands the Sailor Animamates. She is also described as the Soldier of Solitude. Her goal is to discover all the Sailor Crystal in the universe so that she can rule the universe unopposed. Galaxia's own crystal, the Saffer Crystal, is described as one of the most powerful Sailor Crystals in the galaxy. Its name is Old English for "sapphire,"

and the kanji applied to it in the text of the manga are 青金石 (seikinseki), meaning "lapis lazuli."

In the manga, Sailor Galaxia originated alone on a small planet she deemed "trash". She wandered alone until the day her powers awakened. But she had no purpose for herself, and felt that the mere role of a Sailor Senshi did not satisfy her; she craved something and she thought that was power. She left her planet in search of another place which she could call home. During her travels she came upon a bar, in the form of Wiseman, showed Galaxia what she was looking for—the Galaxy Cauldron. She discovered that in order for her gain control of the Galaxy Cauldron she had to gather the Sailor Crystals of all the Sailor Soldiers of the galaxy. Those powers combined together with that of Sailor Moon would give her the power to kill Chaos and rule the galaxy.

Fantasy Teams Season 9 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Raven (DC Comics) 9 to 2
Loss Galactus 3 to 8
Win Larfleeze 6 to 3
Loss Beerus 1 to 10
Win Omega Shenron 6 to 3

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Loss Starfire 1 to 23
Loss Omega Shenron 5 to 6