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Simba is a lion character and the protagonist of Disney's most successful animated feature film, The Lion King. He is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, nephew of Scar, mate of Nala and father of Kiara. His name is Swahili for lion. He has golden fur and when he grows into an adult, he has an auburn mane.

In the opening sequence of The Lion King, Simba is the newborn son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. After being anoint he is held up by the mandrill Rafiki atop Pride Rock for all the animals in the Pride Lands to see. Elsewhere, Simba's uncle Scar is upset as Simba's birth means that Scar will never be king.

When Simba is older his father Mufasa takes him to the top of Pride Rock to show Simba the kingdom. Simba takes interest in a dark, shadow-y area but Mufasa explains that Simba must never go there. After descending into the Pridelands Mufasa has to leave to chase away some hyenas, so Simba goes to visit his uncle Scar. Scar tells Simba that the forbidden area is an Elephant Graveyard and that only the brave lions go there. Scar deliberately arouses Simba's curiosity so that the cub will visit the Elephant Graveyard, and Simba does so, taking his friend Nala with him. Simba lies to his mother Sarabi and says that he is going to the water hole. Sarabi tells Zazu to go with the two cubs, but they plot to lose Zazu during the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" and manage to do so, allowing them to head to the Elephant Graveyard.

At the Elephant Graveyard Simba and Nala are attacked by the three hyenas Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. Mufasa arrives and rescues Simba and Nala. On the way home, Mufasa takes Simba aside and explains that he is only brave when he needs to be. He also teaches Simba about the great kings of the past that look down from the stars.

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