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Beverly Crusher

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Commander Beverly Crusher, M.D. (born Beverly Cheryl Howard), played by actress Gates McFadden, is a fictional character on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and its subsequent spinoff films. She was a regular character in the show for all but the second of its seven seasons.

Gates McFadden was replaced during the second season, and the character of Dr. Katherine Pulaski, played by Diana Muldaur, was added as the USS Enterprise-D s chief medical officer. On the show, Crusher's absence was explained due to her being promoted to head of Starfleet medical. Citing a lack of chemistry between Muldaur and the rest of the cast, McFadden and her character returned to the show from season 3 on, to re-replace Pulaski.

Dr. Crusher is the chief medical officer on board the USS Enterprise-D and its successor, the USS Enterprise-E. Crusher held the rank of Commander, and was the head of Starfleet Medical during 2365.

She has one son, Wesley, with her late husband, Jack Crusher.

Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher Beverly Crusher

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