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Kylar Stern

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The enigmatic anti-hero (and main protagonist) of the series, Azoth is the jaded product of a childhood spent on the streets scrounging to survive. Originally he is part of the Black Dragon Guild, a poorly established group of adolescent thieves, divided into 'Bigs' and 'Littles' (young children and adolescents). During the part of the novels spent in Azoth's youth, he is considered a 'Little'. There is quite a measure of foreshadowing in the strongly antithetical relationship between Azoth and Rat, the Fist of the Black Dragon who is out for young Azoth's blood. Even though they have both seen the cruelest side of the world's face Azoth chose to temper himself with a sense of justice, rightful vengeance and mercy whereas Rat fell to corruption and sadism. Early on Azoth displays the characteristics of a just young man born to the wrong circumstances. It has been discussed that the theme of the night angel is introduced during the initial book in the first three characters : Azoth, who represents vengeance, Jarl, who represents justice, and Elene/Doll Girl, who represents Mercy. These two influential characters shape Azoth to be who he is. Eventually the perceived weakness of inaction is left behind Azoth as he adopts his new persona of Kylar Stern. Azoth means quicksilver aka mercury.

The identity Azoth assumes after apprenticing to Durzo Blint. As Durzo's apprentice, he learns the ways of a wetboy. Sent to the Drakes' to learn how to be a noble, he makes new friends, and enemies. Main Character throughout the rest of the series. Kylar means "one who kills" and "one who is killed." The black ka'kari chooses him to be its new master and it grants him amazing powers, not the least of which is allowing him to tap into his long hidden Talent. The black ka'kari makes him immortal - not invincible - meaning that every time he dies, he will come back from the dead. The price is high however, as each time he dies and returns, one of his loved ones will die in his place. His next names will include: Marati, Cwellar, and Spex.

Kage is the name Kylar uses when he competes in the tournament hosted by the Sa'Kage early in the series. This name is later used in Kylar's trial for the death of Terah, as another name for him.

The Night Angel is introduced in the series as a deity governing the forces of Vengeance, Justice, and Mercy culminating as the Avatar of Retribution. As the story unfolds, however, the Night Angel is revealed to be the identity of the bearer of the black ka'kari. The Night Angel is immortal and can "devour" both physical objects (except for the magic artifacts Curoch and Iures ) and magic with a touch of the black ka'kari. It can suppress the magic of anything it covers including Curoch and Iures.

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