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The following is a list of the numerous characters within the Masters of the Universe animated series, film, toy lines, and spin-offs.

(Real name: Adam of the House of Randor): He-Man is "the most powerful man in the universe" and the alter-ego of 16-year-old Prince Adam. He is armed with a power harness that enhances his strength, the Sword of Power, and a shield. Depending on his transformation to He-Man, at times he is also armed with plate armor, a battle ax, or deadly snake pinchers. In the 80s series, Prince Adam and He-Man are almost identically drawn, the difference being that Adam has lighter blond hair and paler skin, while He-Man has bronzed skin and more golden hair. In the 2002 series, Prince Adam resembles a teenager and is slender, with blond eyebrows and pants (versus 80s Adam's tights). He speaks with a higher tone of voice and often comes across as a clueless adolescent. He-Man, however, has black eyebrows, is much taller, and is far more muscular, as his transformation to He-Man later in the series (starting with "Council of Evil") shows. His voice is deeper, he is wise, and his age in indeterminate (mid 20s to mid 30s in appearance).

Prince Adam and He-Man are voiced in the 80s series by John Erwin and by Cam Clarke in the 2002 series. In the 90s series, Prince Adam was voiced by Doug Parker while He-Man is voiced by Gary Chalk. In the 80s live-action movie, He-Man was portrayed by Dolph Lundgren.

(Real name: Duncan): Man-At-Arms is Teela's adoptive father and is considered by Eternians to be the leader of the Masters of the Universe. Since Man-At-Arms is actually a title, not a name, the character is also known as Duncan. Man-At-Arms served as one of King Randor's chief supporters back during the Great Unrest, before the Council of Elders informed then-Captain Randor that his destiny was to be King of Eternia. Man-At-Arms designs and builds weapons and other technology for the royal family; he also help trains the Royal Guard, Teela, Prince Adam, and the other Masters of the Universe. Duncan knows Adam's secret identity and protects it by coming up with different excuses as to why Prince Adam has disappeared during the Masters' melees with evil. Man-At-Arms is also Adam's mentor and offers him guidance and counsel as Adam wrestles with his identity as He-Man. In the 2002 series, Man-At-Arms sports a short topknot, and the armor on his left arm transforms into a different built-in weapons and tools. This newer Man-At-Arms is also older, more grizzled, and has more of a military bearing than the original 80s version. The original Man-At-Arms action figure comes with a club but its owner extremely rarely had it in the cartoon. It is never explained in the cartoon or with the action figure why the figure never had the moustache seen on its animated counterparts.

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