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Franklin Richards

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Franklin Richards is a fiction character that appears in the Marvel Universe.

Franklin is an Omega-Level mutant with vast psionic and reality-manipulating powers. He is the young son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four and the older brother of Valeria Richards. His parents named him Franklin Benjamin Richards; his middle name is taken from his Godfather Benjamin Jacob Grimm, the Thing. Franklin also shares the same middle name as Peter Benjamin Parker, Spider-Man, who once told Franklin, "Uncle Ben are always right". Franklin's first name comes from Franklin Storm, his maternal grandfather.

Franklin first appears in in Fantastic Four Annual #6 (November 1968), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, although he didn't receive his name until two years later in Fantastic Four #94 (January 1970). Appearing sporadically in the pages of Fantastic Four over the following fifteen years, Franklin became a member of the pre-teen superhero team Power Pack as of issue #17 (December 1985) of that title until its cancellation with issue #62 (February 1991). From November 1994 an older version of the same character (aged for the purposes of a story) appeared in the Pages of Marvel's Fantastic Force until publication ceased as of April 1996. Between appearances in these other titles, Franklin has remained a recurring cast member of the Fantastic Four comic book.

From July 2007 until the series' cancellation in February 2009, an alternate version of Franklin appeared as a cast member in the Marvel Adventures all-ages Power Pack series of titles.

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