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Jack O'Lantern (Crime-Master's)

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Jack O'Lantern is the name of five fiction supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Some incarnations of the character were also referred to as Mad Jack.

The original Jack O'Lantern was disgraced ex-CIA Agent Jason Macendale, who assumed the identity after several years working as a freelance mercenary. Macendale was primarily a foe of Spider-Man and during his time under the alias, formed a working relationship with Hobgoblin. However, the man Macendale ultimately learned was Hobgoblin (Ned Leeds) turned out that a brainwashed pawn of the real Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley.

When Hobgoblin endangered Jack O'Lantern's life to pursue Spider-Man in battle, the two former allies had a bitter falling out. Macendale vowed revenge and hired the services of the assassin Foreigner to kill Ned Leeds and deliver the Hobgoblin costume and weaponry to Macendale. Macendale then became Hobgoblin, though with little luck and spent most of his tenure as Hobgoblin mentally ill after a deal with a demon disfigured him and drove him to madness, and with the rest of the super-villain community shunning him for his failure to live up to the legacy of his murdered predecessor. In the end, Macendale was killed by Kingsley, who came out of retirement to kill Macendale when he outed Ned Leeds as "Hobgoblin".

During the fourth Secret Wars mini-series, a man claiming to be Jason Macendale was arrested while committing crimes under the alias of Jack O'Lantern. This version of Macendale, not showing any signs of the extensive cybernetic replacement limbs the real Macendale had, was arrested by SHIELD agents. During interrogation, "Macendale" claimed to have led a "double life" as far as keeping the Jack O'Lantern persona alive while he was active as Hobgoblin, going so far as to claiming to be Mad Jack as well. Despite the fact that these claims were refuted as lies (indeed Macendale was mentally ill for the bulk of his time as Hobgoblin), SHIELD granted "Macendale" his freedom when he offered to give up the name of the much sought after financial backers of the criminal super-scientist "The Tinkerer", who supplies a good number of the super-villains in the Marvel Universe with weapons and costumes.

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