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Kobolds are a fictional species featured in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Aggressive, xenophobic, yet industrious small humanoid creatures, kobolds are noted for their skill at building traps and preparing ambush. In the original Dungeons & Dragons game, kobolds were goblinoids, but they have been depicted as reptilian humanoid since the release of the first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

The kobolds of Dungeons & Dragons were inspired by the Kobold sprite of German folklore, but, aside from their shared association with mining and their small stature, the creatures have little in common.

The kobold was one of the first monsters introduced in the earliest edition of the game, in the Dungeons & Dragons "white box" set (1974), where they were described simply as similar to goblins, but weaker. Kobolds were further detailed in Supplement II: Blackmoor (1975).

The kobold appears in the first edition Monster Manual (1977), where it is described as a tribal creature with war bands, found in dank, dark places.

Kobolds Kobolds

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