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Aisha (Winx Club)

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The animated television series Winx Club features characters designed by former comic artist Iginio Straffi. The show's narrative takes place in a magical dimension in which a group of fairy warriors defends their universe from villains. The group, called the Winx Club, attends and later graduates from the Alfea College for Fairies. They are frequently supported by their romantic partners, known as the Specialists, who study at the neighboring Red Fountain School. The Specialists do not have magical abilities; they train to fight using laser weapons.

The titular club is led by Bloom, a student from Earth who believed she was an average human until discovering her flame-based fairy powers. The original group includes Stella, the fairy of the Sun; Flora, the fairy of nature; Musa, the fairy of music; and Tecna, the fairy of technology. They share an apartment on the campus of Alfea. The fairy of waves, Aisha, is introduced in the second season and becomes the group's sixth member. A seventh member, Roxy, is introduced in the fourth season and occasionally joins the other Winx Club fairies. Each season of Winx Club introduces new villains who fight the main characters. A trio of witches called the Trix are the Winx Club's most frequent adversaries.

The characters of Winx Club have become popular with audiences. Critical response to the characters has been mostly positive, with praise for their positive relationships and presentation of gender roles. The characters have appeared in a variety of media, including the spin-off series World of Winx, a comic book serial, and platform video games. In 2012, new episodes of the series incorporated CGI-animated sequences that rendered the characters in 3D. A live-action series based on Winx Club, Fate: The Winx Saga, will debut in 2020 and feature many of the original characters.

In the original series (seasons 1–4), the characters' mouths were animated to match the Italian voice actors, who recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio. Season 7 was also matched to Nickelodeon and Rainbow's English scripts, but due to budget cuts, Viacom relocated the voice cast from Hollywood to New York City. Only actors from the two original casts are listed below.

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