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Deadly Ernest

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Alpha Flight is a fictional team of Canadian superhero appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics. The characters premiered in The Uncanny X-Men #120 (April 1979), and were created to serve as part of the X-Men's Wolverine backstory. Marvel published an Alpha Flight comic book series from 1983 to 1994. The team serves as Canada's premier superhero team akin to America's Avengers.

Created by writer and artist John Byrne, the team first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #120 (April 1979).

Most team members have distinctly Canadian attributes, such as having Inuit/First Nations or French heritage. Throughout most of its history, the team has worked for Department H, a fictional branch of Canada's Department of National Defence that deals with super-powered villains.

The team was originally merely a part of the backstory of the X-Men's Wolverine but, in 1983, Marvel launched an eponymous series featuring the group, which continued until 1994, lasting 130 issues as well as annuals and miniseries. There have been three short-lived revivals since then, most recently an eight-issue limited series in 2011–12, after the resurrection of the team in the one shot comic Chaos War: Alpha Flight during the Chaos War event.

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