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The Night Shift (Marvel)

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The Night Shift is a fictional group of criminals appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics. The characters first appeared in Captain America #330 (June 1987).

After their initial appearance in Captain America #330-331 (June and July 1987), the team makes a cameo appearance in Solo Avengers #3 (February 1988). Their next battle is against the West Coast Avengers in West Coast Avengers (vol. 2) #40 (January 1989).

Their first appearance in the 1990s is a four-issue story arc in Avengers: West Coast #76-79 (November 1991-February 1992) titled "Infamous Monsters of Hollywood". They then return to the pages of Captain America in issue #420 (October 1993).

The team does not reappear until they are a part of the "Dark Reign" storyline, getting involved in Marvel Zombies 4, where the Midnight Sons clash with the plans of Hood. Fred Van Lente explains that "the Hood doesn't just bring any group of villains with him on this jaunt. He brings a very horror-oriented group of villains with him. People know I love to dip as far back as I can into obscure Marvel-ania and a team I always enjoyed and never felt got their time was the Night Shift. So they're working for the Hood now."

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