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The Kangaroo

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Kangaroo is the name of two fictional characters, supervillains appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics. Both are noted for their leaping ability.

The Frank Oliver version of Kangaroo was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #81 in 1970.

The Brian Hibbs version of Kangaroo was first seen in Cage #13 in 1993 and made his debut in The Spectacular Spider-Man #242 in 1997.

Frank Oliver was born in Sydney, Australia. As a young man, he studied kangaroo in his native Australia. Oliver lived, ate and traveled with the kangaroos, developing a leaping ability that rivaled the animals he studied. Seeing an opportunity to make money, Oliver decided to parlay his new-found leaping abilities into a boxing career. His superior speed and agility allowed him to best opponents time and again. During one match, Oliver jump-kicked one opponent in the face, severely injuring his opponent. Facing criminal charges, Oliver fled to the United States. Once he arrived, he was discovered without a passport and held for deportation.

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