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Elzar Mann

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Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi is the first novel of the Star Wars: The High Republic multi-media project launched in 2021. The novel was written by Charles Soule, and is set approximately 200 years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It was followed by a sequel, The Rising Storm.

The story introduces several powerful Jedi during a time of galactic peace, termed "The High Republic," as they prepare to launch the Starlight Beacon, a massive space station which will aid communication between distant worlds. Interference by the villainous pirate group known as the Nihil creates a catastrophic hyperspace event called "The Great Disaster," which places the Jedi and the planets they protect in danger.

The Legacy Run, a cargo and passenger ship, speeds through hyperspace and, while attempting to avoid a collision with an unexpected obstacle, shatters into many pieces. The debris from the large vessel begins to emerge from hyperspace at different locations and points in time across the galaxy, causing chaos in shipping routes and disastrous loss of life where the pieces impact occupied planets. The Jedi, led by Avar Kriss, attempt to aid the citizens of the Hetzal System to escape disaster; they use the Force to reroute a piece of the Legacy Run containing dangerous gas away from impacting a sun, which would have caused a supernova explosion.

Republic Chancellor Lina Soh closes the hyperspace lanes. With the opening ceremonies of the newly completed Starlight Beacon only a few weeks away, she tasks the Jedi with discovering the cause of the "emergences" and finding a way to predict the next events. As they search the galaxy for answers, the pirate group known as the Nihil seek to take advantage of the closed hyperspace lanes. Marchion Ro, who holds the title of the Eye of the Nihil, has devised a way to predict the path of the next "emergence," and manipulates the Nihil leaders, the Tempest Runners, into a scheme to blackmail the planets who will soon be destroyed by the debris. The Tempest Runners soon begin to fight with each other and greed overtakes them. One of them reveals his presence to the Republic during a failed blackmail attempt, and the Nihil are confronted in space by Republic and Jedi fighters. Marchion Ro uses the infighting to seize control of the Nihil organization.

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