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Isabela Madrigal

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Isabela Madrigal is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 60th feature, Encanto (2021). Isabela is depicted as seemingly perfect but entitled, possessing the ability to make flowers grow. However, Mirabel—her youngest sister—discovers that she struggles under the expectations of perfection. With Mirabel's help, she realizes her imperfections and begins growing plants other than flowers.

Directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush based the character upon the family archetype of the golden child, which resulted in her being written as the eldest Madrigal grandchild. Her gift originated from a consultant's request for Encanto to prominently feature nature and the popularity of Colombian flowers, while her dress is influenced by the country's flower festivals. Actress Diane Guerrero, who stated she somewhat personifies the character, provides Isabela's voice.

The character and her message on the limitedness of perfectionism have been discussed among therapists.

After finishing Zootopia (2016), directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush knew they wanted their next project to be a musical Howard and Bush had already worked on buddy film "where two characters go out into the world and learn about each other" and wanted to try something "completely different." They and Miranda discussed their common experience of having large extended families, and decided to make a musical film about a large extended family with a dozen main characters. Early on, they made "three important discoveries" about families which became the basis of the film's story: "1) most of us don't feel truly seen by our families, 2) most of us carry burdens we never let our families see, and 3) most of us are oblivious that nearly all of us, especially within our own families, feel the exact same way". Howard and Bush started to discuss Latin-American culture at length with Juan Rendon and Natalie Osma, who had previously worked with them on the making-of documentary Imagining Zootopia.

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