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The characters from the anime series Digimon Fusion are, for a time, divided as separate groups; as the series progresses, the factions eventually come together as the final stages of the battle for the Digital World approach.

The Fusion Fighters, called in the Japanese version, work to bring peace for the Digital World, by protecting inhabitants. They are led by Mikey Kudo. During the series, he recruits Nene Amano and Christopher Aonuma. In the Dark Generals Arc, they form the Fusion Fighters United Army (クロスハート連合軍 Kurosu Hāto Rengougun?, lit. "Xros Heart United Army")

Mikey Kudo, known in Japan as , is an upbeat middle school teenager who helps anyone in need. He excels in all sports and has a charming personality that wins over humans and Digimon alike, though he has a tendency to overexert himself. Receiving his red Fusion Loader from Omnimon, one of the Legendary Digimon, Mikey founded the Fusion Fighters alongside his partner Shoutmon. Aside from his charisma, Mikey has proven himself to be an excellent strategist, able to see through the plans of his enemies and counter them accordingly, making his presence a necessity for the team. Unlike other members, Mikey can hear the melody of Digimon that are in life-threatening danger. During their travels, they meet many friendly Digimon who join their cause. They encounter the rival group Blue Flare. They face the evil minions of the Bagra Army as well as Team Midnight. They allow Midnight's former general Nene, Sparrowmon, Monimon and the Monitamons, to join their group after SkullKnightmon casts her aside once she outlives her usefulness to him.

When Bagramon steals all 108 Code Crown fragments, he sends Mikey, Angie, Jeremy and Shoutmon back to Earth. There, Mikey learns that time on Earth is far slower than in the Digital World before he attempts to find a way back to the Digital World to save it. By then, the one who gave him his Fusion Loader is revealed to be Omnimon, who reveals the origin of the DigiCards as well as the history of the Digital World and tells them how he ended up on Earth as a DigiCard and has been searching for someone who could hear him, which turns out to be Mikey, as only he can hear the Digital Melody. After enabling Shoutmon to digivolve into OmniShoutmon, in order to do battle, defeat and ultimately destroy Tactimon, Mikey returns to the Digital World with Shoutmon. Upon returning to the Digital World, Mikey and Shoutmon learn that Bagramon had it reconstructed into a realm composed of the Bagra Fortress and seven kingdoms, each ruled by a Dark General with their very own Darkness Loader. Reunited with the other Fusion Fighters, Mikey and Nene convince Christopher to join forces with them and they set to travel together through the Kingdoms to challenge the Dark Generals and liberate the Digital World from Bagramon. Although at the age of 13, he must protect the Digital World at all costs. After defeating MegaDarknessBagramon, the Digimon members of the Fusion Fighters United Army return to the Digital World. One year later, Mikey, now in eighth grade, formed a street basketball team "Xros Heart" with Ewan and Tagiru. When the DigiQuartz appears connecting the Real World, Mikey solves the mystery of the attacks. He is revealed to be one of the six Legendary Heroes of the Digimon Multiverse.

Shoutmon Shoutmon

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