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These characters appear in the animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng a.k.a. Ladybug (voiced by Cristina Vee in the English version and Anouck Hautbois in the French version) is a 14-year-old dark black-blue haired, blue eyed, budding fashion designer at Collège Françoise-Dupont and her family operates a renowned bakery. She is half-French and half-Chinese. Marinette is beautiful, sweet, joyful, clumsy and a bit awkward, but respected by her peers and is extremely intelligent despite her occasional clumsy ways. She has a huge crush on Adrien, to whom she can barely speak to out of nervousness; her best friend Alya often tries to help Marinette to declare her love to him, only for it to end in failure. Chosen by Fu as the keeper of the Ladybug Miraculous, she can transform into the valiant and vivacious superheroine "Ladybug" with the help of her kwami Tikki, to defend Paris from Hawk Moth's villains with her crime-fighting partner Cat Noir. As Ladybug, aware of the nature of the situations that she faces, she's more serious and she brushes off Cat Noir's advances on her, unaware that Cat Noir's alter-ego is Adrien Agreste, but she does later come to truly value her friendship with Cat Noir, him being someone she can trust fully. Her crime-fighting tool is a yo-yo with nearly endless string. With it, she can use her special power "Lucky Charm" that can create an object, most of the time to be used with other key objects, to defeat the villains. Marinette's resourcefulness and her wit enable her to figure out how to use the lucky charm. The yo-yo also captures and purifies the akuma butterflies, after which she has the created object turn into energy to summon her power of creation, "Miraculous Ladybug", that removes the harm the villains caused and restores everything to normal. In the episode "Reflekdoll", Marinette temporarily uses Cat Noir's Miraculous and becomes "Lady Noir", the Marinette version of Cat Noir. In "Kwami Buster", she uses the Mouse Miraculous to become Multimouse, and becomes many forms, Multifox, MultiBug & MultiNoir. In "Miracle Queen", She uses the Dragon Miraculous to unify into Dragon Bug. She later becomes the Guardian and owns the Miracle Box. Her transformation call is "Tikki, Spots On!" ( , "Tikki, transform me!"). After she and Cat Noir defeat a villain, they give each other a fist-bump and say "Pound it" ( , "Well played!").

Adrien Agreste a.k.a Cat Noir (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English version Adrien is kind, loyal, sensitive and well-liked, and hangs out often with his best friend Nino. Chosen by Master fu to be the keeper of the Black Cat Miraculous, he can transform into the superhero "Cat Noir" ( , "black cat") with the help of his kwami Plagg to assist Ladybug in saving Paris from Hawk Moth's villains. He is deeply in love with Ladybug, despite not knowing her true identity and, while at the same time using the opportunity to be more rebellious, unsuccessfully tries to impress her as Cat Noir, being flirtatious and making bad, mostly cat-themed puns. His weapon that he uses to fight the villains is a multi-functional staff and his special power of destruction, "Cataclysm", allows him to destroy an object that he touches with a swipe of his paw. In the episode "Reflekdoll", Adrien temporarily uses Ladybug’s Miraculous and becomes "Mister Bug", the Adrien version of Ladybug. In the episode "Cat Blanc", it is revealed from the future that he is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes the Cat Blanc an evil white version that he uncontrollably release an infinite power, devastating the whole city and splitting the moon, leaving him all alone in his world. His transformation call is "Plagg, Claws Out!" ( , "Plagg, transform me!").

Tikki (voiced by Mela Lee in the English version ) is the kwami of creation who enables Marinette to transform into Ladybug. Tikki is a small floating humanoid with a large head, big eyes, and a red body with large black spots on her head, resembling a ladybug. She believes strongly in Marinette and she gives her advice to be the best that she can be, regardless of transformation. Like Ladybug, aware of the nature of the situations she faces, she's more serious and brushes off Plagg's advances of her. During Marinette's transformation, Tikki inhabits the Ladybug Miraculous, a pair of earrings worn by Marinette. Astruc has written on Twitter that Tikki means "happiness". Tweets concerning the Kwami names:

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