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The Deep House

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The Deep House is a 2021 English supernatural horror film written and directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. The film stars James Jagger and Camille Rowe. Blumhouse Productions and Epix acquired the film for North American distribution.

The film was released in France on 30 June 2021 by Apollo Films.

Ben and Tina are a young engaged New York couple and passionate YouTube contributors who are travelling Europe and seeking out reputedly haunted houses to live-record their experiences. One day, they go to south-west France to seek out a sanatorium submerged in an artificial lake, only to find it a crowded vacation spot. A local, Pierre, offers to take them to an isolated branch of the lake in the forest of Chanteloup, an area which was artificially submerged in 1984 to prevent frequently recurring, devastating floods. The area he is leading them to contains a mansion which he claims has remained perfectly preserved.

Reaching the spot, Ben and Tina submerge, finding the house in a short while, with its contents strangely well-preserved. However, eerie things begin to happen after they enter the house; they hear strange voices and noises, the motion tracker on their drone indicates movement while there is nothing to trigger it, and their electronic equipment inexplicably begins malfunctioning. In addition, in some of the rooms they find lots of photos, posters and news articles showing missing children, as well as satanic symbols and a score of violent scratches at the front door post. In the kitchen, they discover a door blocked by a large crucifix, and opening it, they enter a room containing two corpses in chains and torture masks suspended above a satanic pentagram, and a side room filled with pickled human body parts. Ben and Tina try to flee the house, but the window they entered through is suddenly blocked off by a brick wall, and their frantic search for other exits is in vain.

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