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The fictional world in which the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin take place is divided into several continents, known collectively as The Known World.

Most of the story takes place on the continent of and in a large political entity known as the . Those kingdoms are spread across nine regions: , , , , , , , , and . A of ice and old magic separates the Seven Kingdoms from the largely unmapped area to the north. The vast continent of is located east of Westeros, across the Narrow Sea. The closest foreign nations to Westeros are the , a collection of nine independent city-state along the western edge of Essos. The lands along the southern coastline of Essos are called the Lands of the and include and the ruins of . The latter is the former home of the ancestors of House Targaryen. To the south of Essos are the continents of and , which in the narrative are largely unexplored.

The planet experiences erratic season of unpredictable duration that can last for many years. At the beginning of A Song of Ice and Fire, Westeros has enjoyed a decade-long summer, and many fear that an even longer and harsher winter will follow.

George R. R. Martin set the Ice and Fire story in an alternative world of Earth, a "secondary world", such as that which J. R. R. Tolkien pioneered with Middle-earth. Martin has also suggested that world may be larger than the real world planet Earth. The Ice and Fire narrative is set in a post-magic world where people no longer believe in supernatural things such as the Others. Although the characters understand the natural aspects of their world, they do not know or understand its magical elements. Religion, though, has a significant role in the life of people, and the characters practice many different religions.

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