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The Corinthian

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The Corinthian is a fictional character in Neil Gaiman's comic book series The Sandman. He first appeared in The Sandman #10 (October 1989), which is part of the second story arc, The Doll's House. The Corinthian is a nightmare created by Dream, who destroys him in the same collection for going rogue and failing to fulfill his original design. Dream later recreates him with "some changes", though the exact nature of these changes is not explicit. His most notable physical feature is his lack of eyes: in their place, two rows of small, jagged teeth line each eye socket, which he often covers with sunglasses. He can speak, eat, see, and even respire through these mouths.

The first Corinthian claims excellent eyesight, and is shown driving a car even while wearing sunglasses at night; but in the same volume, is shown consuming the eyes of humans through his own socket/mouths, which allows him to view their memories and even see the future. The Corinthian is also able to embody himself in human beings, whereof the eyes are consumed and replaced by teeth and the hair of the victim turns white. During the process, the eye sockets bleed profusely; but afterward, he resembles his victim in most features and can therefore impersonate it.

The second Corinthian resembles the first, but is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and seems fearless. During his search for Daniel Hall, the Corinthian, with little effort, kills a supernatural wolf with his bare hands, and later defeats Loki in single combat.

Neil Gaiman has stated that the Corinthian is homosexual in The Sandman Companion, wherein the first Corinthian consumed eyes only of boys. The second Corinthian is featured with a boyfriend as written by Caitlin R. Kiernan in the Dreaming.

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