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Eve Polastri

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Eve Polastri is a fictional agent working for British intelligence.

British author Luke Jennings originally created Polastri's character in an e-book novella series whose segments were published from 2014 through 2016, the series being compiled into the 2018 novel Codename Villanelle, which was followed by a 2019 sequel, Killing Eve: No Tomorrow.

In the novel's BBC America television series adaptation Killing Eve (2018—2022), the character is portrayed by Canadian-American actress Sandra Oh.

Eve Polastri is a lead character in Luke Jennings' four-segment novella series (2014–2016), whose compilation forms his 2018 novel Codename Villanelle. The 2018—2022 television series Killing Eve, created by British writer-actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is based on Jennings' novellas. In the television series, Polastri was born in the U.K., allowing her to hold a British government job, but raised in the U.S., explaining her North American accent. American actress Maya Rudolph said in 2022 that she had turned down the part, but turned it down because filming was to take place in Europe.

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