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Lucky Chloe

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, also known simply as Chloe, is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, making her debut in Tekken 7. She is a teenage girl wearing a black, pink and white kitten-themed costume, including cat ears, tail, and paws. She is described as an otaku, having an obsession with Japanese pop culture and speaking in Japanese and English with a Japanese accent. She is hired by G Corporation to be a mascot commercial.

Her fighting style involves a lot of kicks, twirls, and flips, somewhat like a hip-hop dancer. As shown in her, Eddy Gordo and Jack-7's own endings, she's a good actress in her idol persona, but is revealed to be mean spirited in real life. Reception for Lucky Chloe has been mixed, with some criticizing her for an "uninspired and generic" design, while other have defended her by claiming that Tekken has had a number of more "ridiculous" characters than her.

Lucky Chloe is a J-pop sensation, devotion Otaku and the face of the G Corporation brand. When Eddy Gordo burst into G Corp and took out guard after guard with dance-like techniques, Chloe fearlessly walked right up to him and blocked his path.

She threw the man one of her trademark smiles and issued him a challenge: Fight her, and if he loses he'll have to work as her backup dancer. Without caring if he'd accepted the conditions or not, she prepared for battle, and enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7. The tournament veteran, Interpol's detective Lei Wulong happens to be her fan.

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