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Power Rangers RPM is the seventeenth season of the American television series Power Rangers, which uses footage, costumes, and other props from the Super Sentai series. In the case of RPM, the season was an adaptation of Engine Sentai Go-onger, the thirty-second installment of the series.

The season was the eighth and final to air on ABC stations, premiering March 7, 2009 on ABC Kids. Due to the low ratings of the preceding season, Jungle Fury, RPM was also the final season to be produced and distributed by Disney and Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment, putting the series on a two-year hiatus until the premiere of Power Rangers Samurai in 2011.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019), which was produced by the franchise's current owner, Hasbro, through its Allspark entertainment division, is its direct sequel.

An AI computer virus named Venjix takes over all of the Earth's computers, creates an army of robot "Grinder" droids and destroys or enslaves almost all of humanity. Only the city of Corinth remains, protected by an almost impenetrable force field from the toxic atmosphere of the wasteland outside. To combat Venjix's encroaching evil, the mysterious Doctor K creates the RPM Power Rangers to fight him off and recruits Air Force pilot Scott Truman, hero obsessed Flynn McAllistair, and reformed airhead socialite Summer Landsdown to operate their weapons and gear. Later, Doctor K recruits Dillon, a rebellious drifter whom Venjix had experimented on, and Ziggy Grover, an inept thief whom Dillon begrudgingly befriended, as 'Series Black and Green'.

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