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is a fictional monster, or kaiju, resembling Godzilla, that first appeared in episode 10 of Tsuburaya Productions' 1966 series Ultraman, where it fought the titular hero and was killed in a duel with him. It has made a few limited appearances since its debut.

Jirahs' name likely comes from Godzilla's Japanese name . Jirahs is also known by the English names Jirass and Giras.

During the production of the first Ultraman series Eiji Tsuburaya considered Ultraman to face off against Godzilla for episode 10 however due to the shows minimal budget Tsuburaya and his company decided to create an entirely new monster instead. Jirahs' head was the reused Godzilla head from Invasion of Astro-Monster, with Toho's approval. The dorsal fins and parts of the suit were sprayed yellow and a large yellow frill was added to disguise the connection of the head with the body.


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