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Lili Chilman

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury is the 2008 season of Power Rangers, telling the story of the fight between the Jungle Fury Power Rangers and the forces of evil led by the spirit Dai Shi.

The Pai Zhua ( , Pài Zhuǎ) (also known as the Order of the Claw) is the leading protagonist faction of the series. Each member of this faction is given an Animal Spirit that acts as their own unique sentient, beast-like power source. They commit their lives to fusing the idea of martial arts with the abilities of these distinct Animal Spirits. They are the guardians of Earth against the abusive use of Animal Spirits by the series' antagonists, the Dai Shi Clan led by and named after the heartless spirit Dai Shi, for the extinction of humanity and the replacement by and ruling of evil beasts. The Pai Zhua fight against evil by calling on the spiritual powers of beasts and combining such a power source with the martial arts of humanity to use a human and beast spirit dual offense collaboration as a safeguard against the Dai Shi Clan's ways, using this combination of two forms of aggression for good causes.

The Pai Zhua's forces are divided into small groups who each exist with different means, methods and other skills but otherwise all live for the same righteous purpose: the defense of Earth against Dai Shi and both his schemes and forces:

The Power Rangers in this series combine the partnership of humanity's martial arts and Animal Spirits together with special technologies that serve to provide an essential enhancement to their ways of facing evil forces - such a combination of the Pai Zhua's styles of living and the mechanics of these technologies gives benefits that, as the series progresses, also demonstrate valuable lessons that the younger members of the Pai Zhua learn and understand and thus eventually embrace for the rest of their lives.

Lili Chilman

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