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Maki Oze

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The Fire Force manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Atsushi Ohkubo. Although native form of Japanese name follows the Eastern name order (family name, given name), the characters names in the series follow the Western name order (given name, family name). For example in , where the given name, , is written before the surname, .

, also nicknamed , are a firefighting force that was originally formed by members of The Fire Defense Agency, Tokyo Army and The Holy Sol Temple. All eight brigades investigate the Human Combustion Phenomenon and eliminate Infernals whom they administer last rites to.

is a Special Fire Force located in Tokyo, having the fewest resources and members since it was formed in a rush compared to the other Special Fire Force Companies. While having the same task as the other branches, Company 8's has an additional mission in the observation of the other companies in case any of them are hiding vital information from the entire organization for personal reasons. This allowed them to learn of the White Clad's existence and seek to prevent them from realizing their goals.


Maki Oze

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