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3 Ninjas

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3 Ninjas is a 1992 American martial arts comedy film directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Victor Wong, Michael Treanor, Max Elliott Slade, and Chad Power. It was the only 3 Ninjas film released by Touchstone Pictures, while the others were released by TriStar Pictures. The film is about three young brothers who learn martial arts from their Japanese grandfather.

Every year, twelve-year-old Samuel, eleven-year-old Jeffrey and eight-year-old Michael Douglas visit their grandfather, Mori Tanaka, at his cabin. Mori trains his grandchildren in the art of ninjutsu. As the summer comes to an end, Mori gives each of them a new "ninja" name based on their personalities: 'Rocky', 'Colt', and 'Tum-Tum'.

Meanwhile, the boys' father, Sam Douglas, is an FBI agent who stages a sting operation to entrap master criminal Hugo Snyder in the sale of warheads. Snyder escapes the trap with the use of his own ninja henchmen and decides to then visit Mori, who is his former business partner. Mori is tested by Snyder's henchmen and easily defeats them while the boys aid their grandfather by defeating two ninjas, ignoring his orders to stay in the house. Face to face, Snyder threatens Mori's family if he does not get son-in-law Sam off his back. With Snyder and company gone, Mori chides the boys briefly for interfering in his personal affairs. When they return home, they find their father unenthusiastic to see what they had learned during their visit and more annoyed at their new names. Emily, a friend of Rocky's, compliments his new name and agrees to ride with them to school the next day. Snyder develops a plan to kidnap the boys to use them as leverage to get Sam to back off. Since the FBI watches them, his assistant Nigel Brown contacts his irresponsible nephew Fester, a petty criminal surf punk, as well as his buddies Hammer and Marcus, to kidnap the boys. Due to Sam and his FBI crew's presence, they are unable to capture the boys that night.

The next day, Fester and his friends follow the boys to school but are side-tracked by a fender bender with a police car. Emily becomes separated from the boys and encounters a group of bullies who steal her bike. At recess, the boys challenge the bullies to a two-on-two basketball game to ten, and they spot the bullies nine points. The brothers effortlessly score nine consecutive points, all while the bullies use dirty tactics, but fail and lose their bikes after one bully uses a hip check and are able to score their tenth point and win.

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