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The Moonstone Family

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The Magic Order is a comic book series written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Olivier Coipel (volume one), Stuart Immonen (volume two) and Gigi Cavenago (volume 3). The first comic in the series was published on 13 June 2018. It is published by Image Comics and the property of Netflix which bought Millarworld in 2017. The first volume consists of six issues and is an R-rated adult fantasy. The comic is the first comic book series released by Millarworld since being acquired by Netflix. The comic marks the start of phase two of Millarworld. Volume two was released in 2021-2022 and volume three in 2022.

The comic is centered on the Magic Order, a secret group of five families of wizards entrusted to keep the world safe from supernatural and magical threats. The members of the Order live seemingly normal lives, while their true nature remains unknown to the rest of society. However, the Order finds itself in danger as its members are being targeted and picked off one by one by an unknown assailant. They must now find and stop this enemy before they're completely wiped out.

The Magic Order is a group of five families of wizards. Members of the Order are allowed to live among the rest of society while secretly using their magic to protect the world from supernatural and magical threats. The story focuses on the Moonstones, one of the families of the Magic Order.

The assassination of one of their magicians, Eddie Lisowski, alerts the Order, whose members then deduce that an unknown enemy is intent on picking them off one by one. Leonard Moonstone and his son Regan along with other members of the Order attend the Ceremony of the Broken Wand at Lisowski's funeral. Madame Albany and her fellow dark magicians crash the funeral and antagonize the attendants. Regan accuses Albany of being the mastermind behind Lisowski's assassination as she proceeds to leave the ceremony. The unknown assassin attacks another member of the Order, Dong-Sun. Regan visits his brother Gabriel—a powerful magician who has withdrawn from the magic world—to seek his aid, although to no avail. The rest of the Order, including Leonard's reckless, alcoholic escapologist daughter Cordelia, hold a meeting at Moonstone Castle, the family's base hidden in the dimension inside an oil painting exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago guarded by seemingly meek Uncle Edgar.

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