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The Mighty Heroes

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The Mighty Heroes is a Saturday morning animated television series created by Ralph Bakshi for the Terrytoons company. The original show debuted on CBS, on October 29, 1966, and ran for one season with 20 episodes.

The stories took place in Good Haven, a fictitious city that was continually beset by various supervillain. When trouble occurred, the city launched a massive firework display to summon a quintet of high-flying superhero into action—Strong Man, Rope Man, Tornado Man, Cuckoo Man and Diaper Man.

In Act 1 of each episode, the team members were portrayed as accident-prone bunglers. A typical occurrence had them in combat hopelessly tangled together offering each other stock apologies, often while falling en masse until they were captured by the villain. In Act 2, however, having escaped the villain's deathtrap in the cliffhanger, the team always managed to regroup and fight with proper coordination to win the day. Their villains included the Drifter, the Ghost Monster, the Enlarger, the Frog, the Junker, the Monsterizer, the Toy Man, the Shocker, the Shrinker, and the Scarecrow.

The cartoons originally appeared as a segment of the long-running Mighty Mouse Playhouse during the 1966-67 season, which was renamed Mighty Mouse and The Mighty Heroes in recognition of the new segment. Some weeks during the network run, two complete Mighty Heroes segments would open and close the show with a classic Mighty Mouse cartoon in-between. In other weeks, one Mighty Heroes episode would be split in two to open and close the show, with two Mighty Mouse cartoons broadcast in-between.

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