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Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!)

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This is a list of the major and minor characters featured in and/or created specifically for the Cartoon Network animated series, Teen Titans Go!.

Robin is the leader and the only Titan who does not possess any superpowers. He primarily relies on his arsenal of weapons and tools during combat. His weapons of preference are his Birdarangs, grapple guns and multi-purpose metallic bo staff. He is also incredibly agile, and is a studious scientist, detective and martial artist.

Robin is disciplined and serious. Robin's role as leader is modestly parodied throughout the series. He prefers to take the lead role at all times. Robin is also at times emotionally unstable, arrogant and self-centered. However, despite his flaws he usually learns from his mistakes and tries to make amends.

His original comic book likeness is also featured briefly in "Books", and he is seen in his original comics outfit in a flashback in "Baby Hands".

Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!)

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