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High Chancellor Adam Sutler

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Adam James Susan is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the comic book series (later graphic novel) V for Vendetta, created by writer Alan Moore and illustrator David Lloyd. He is renamed Adam Sutler in the 2005 film adaptation, in which he is portrayed by John Hurt.

Adam Susan is the leader of the Norsefire party, and the ruler of the dictatorship that holds Britain in an iron grip. A firm adherent of pure fascism, he values order above all else and sees civil liberties as threats to a secure society. He states early in the novel that he believes in "the destiny of the Nordic race" and despises anyone who is not white, male, Christian and heterosexual. Despite the latter, he disdains all sexual contact as "brutish coupling", and has therefore remained a virgin his entire life.

The graphic novel establishes his backstory. A former police chief constable, upon his entrance into politics he gathers a select few like-minded right-wing extremists into his inner circle, and then exploits the poverty, chaos, and panic that follow a worldwide nuclear war to be elected to power. Once in control, he gives himself the title of "Leader". He bans all art and literature that conflict with the views of the party, criminalizes political dissent, and puts liberals, blacks, Jews, Asians, Muslims and LGBT people into concentration camp.

In order to further monitor the state, Susan takes control of the internal intelligence departments known as the Eye and the Ear, the criminal-investigation department called the Nose, the military police called the Finger, and the propaganda department called the Mouth. These are run by his subordinates, Derek Almond (later Peter Creedy) at The Finger, Conrad Heyer at The Eye, Brian Etheridge at The Ear, Eric Finch at The Nose, and Roger Dascombe at The Mouth. The leaders of these departments run the day-to-day affairs of government with regular oversight from Susan, making the highest council of the Norsefire government—the Head.

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