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Jack Napier (Batman: White Knight)

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Batman: White Knight is an American comic book published by DC Comics. The eight-issue limited series, written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, began monthly publication in October 2017 and concluded in May 2018. In the series, the Joker is seemingly cured of his madness and sets out to become a politician under his real name of Jack Napier, seeking to change his public image as a "villain" and save Gotham City from Batman, whom he views as the real enemy of the city.

A sequel titled Batman: Curse of the White Knight ran from July 24, 2019 to March 25, 2020. A second sequel, Batman: Beyond the White Knight, began publication on March 29, 2022 and concluded on December 27 of the same year.

Batman eventually corners the Joker and chases him on foot into a pharmaceutical warehouse. As he beats the Joker bloody, Batgirl, Nightwing and the GCPD gather to watch the one-sided fist fight. The Joker then goads Batman into force-feeding him a bottle of an unknown medication, saying that he can do more good for Gotham than Batman if he only took those pills. As he holds open the Joker's mouth and dumps the pills inside, Batman's allies watch in disgust; a mysterious woman in a red coat films the event and leaks it to the news. In light of the reckless Batmobile chase and the leaked footage, Gotham begins to debate over whether Batman is doing more harm than good. Barbara and Dick learn Bruce's violence stems from Alfred being near death, kept alive only by Freeze Tech. The Joker, now stable and using his real name, Jack Napier, wins a case against the GCPD for insufficient evidence and for non-intervention in his beating.

Freed, Napier visits Harley Quinn, who attacks him and insists he is not himself. Saved by a second Harley, Napier learns she is the original but was replaced: with the Joker's obsession culminating in Jason Todd's torture, Quinzel left to try and help Batman save Todd; in that flashback, Quinzel is seeing wearing the same red coat as the woman who filmed the Joker being force-fed the pills. She then tells the Joker that he unwittingly adopted a hostage named Marian Drews as the new Harley during a bank robbery.

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