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Killjoy (Cyberforce)

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Cyber Force (sometimes stylized as CyberForce or CYBERFORCE) is a comic book series created by writer and artist Marc Silvestri in 1992 through his publishing studio, Top Cow Productions, and published by Image Comics.

Cyber Force was first published as a mini-series in October 1992 by Image Comics in association with Malibu Comics. Created by and illustrated by Marc Silvestri, the series was written by his brother, Eric Silvestri: "When the guys at Image and I were starting out, we weren't really sure what the reaction would be to our characters. So, just to play it safe, we decided to put out our projects as mini-series to test out the public reaction".

After high sales for the mini-series, an ongoing series was launched in October 1993 with the Cyber Force #0 one-shot, which contained a script and art by Walter Simonson based on a plot by Marc and Eric Silvestri. The new monthly series was published by Image through Silvestri's Top Cow Productions beginning in November 1993, running 35 issues. The series crossed over with Wild C.A.T.s for the "Killer Instinct" storyline spanning Wild C.A.T.S #5-7 and Cyber Force vol. 2 #1-3.

Silvestri later turned his duties over to other artists, including David Finch. The original comic book focused on a team of mutants who were captured by Cyberdata, an enormous corporation planning to take over the world. The mutants were experimented on and had their abilities enhanced with cybernetic implants in hopes of making them S.H.O.C.s (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborgs). The mutants subsequently escaped and banded together as Cyber Force, determined to defeat Cyberdata.

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