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Were-Wolf (Adolph Krimetz)

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Lash Lightning is a fictional superhero character who first appeared in Sure-Fire Comics #1 (June 1940) from Ace Comics, which was renamed Lightning Comics with issue #4 to take advantage of the new character's popularity. Originally called Flash Lightning, the character's name was changed to Lash Lightning in issue #7 to avoid confusion with DC Comics' the Flash.

Lightning Comics ended with issue #13 in June 1942. In this final issue, he was joined by a sidekick, Lightning Girl.

Lash also appeared in issues #1 to 22 (Sept 1941 – March 1946) of the Ace title Four Favorites; about halfway through this run the "Lash" was dropped and he was simply named Lightning. Lightning Girl joined him in issue #6.

In 1940, explorer Robert Morgan is delving into an Egyptian pyramid when he encounters an ancient mystic called The Old Man of the Pyramids. The mystic teaches Morgan ancient secrets, and gives him the Amulet of Annihilation, on the condition that he uses his powers to fight evil.

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