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Transformers Generation 2 (Issue #1, November 1, 1993 - Issue #12, October 1, 1994) is a comic book series based on the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line, written by Simon Furman. It was published by Marvel Comics.

No longer restricted by Hasbro, Furman was allowed to kill off as many characters per issue as the story demanded. Furman also introduced a cannon fodder army named the Generation 2 Cybertronians. The story began in the pages of Larry Hama's G.I. Joe comic, with Megatron being rebuilt into his G2 toy line body by Cobra and setting up the Ark siege storyline for Megatron participating in when the G2 comic begins.

The story begins several months after the conclusion of the previous comic, with the Decepticon in exile, and the Autobot freed of their merciless hounding. Optimus Prime however, is far from jubilant, as he and the Autobots are still locked in combat long after the great wars have ended, as if looking for a reason to continue serving as soldiers, Prime is also haunted by mysterious visions generated by the Matrix, in which he is consumed by an unidentified plague.

The Autobots are soon overrun by a mysterious new breed of Transformer, or so it would appear, but upon capture, Prime and the Autobots learn that these Transformers are descendants of the Decepticons. Their leader, Jhiaxus, claims that both factions have long ended their war and have become one race of Cybertronians, cooperating in the goal of expanding the Transformer dynasty, Prime is disgusted to find Jhiaxus's troops have been launching attacks on defenseless planets, and escapes with his troops to oppose the new breed.

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