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Nilval Nephew

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The following is a list of characters for the Heroic Age manga and anime series.

A Nodos is a person carrying the "essence" of a Heroic Tribesman, and can thus transform into a member of the Heroic Tribe. In this form, they have superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength and agility, breathing in space, sustaining weapon fire and explosions without injury, and enduring atmospheric reentry. They also seem able to freely move in zero-gravity. The Heroic Tribe life-form is stored in a stone that is sealed in the body.

Each Nodos, including Age, has a contract with a fixed set of rules, called "labors". With the exception of Age, these include protecting the Silver Tribe's Nodos, Yuty. Yuty mentions that if they do not abide by their contracts, each of their races would be destroyed. The labors of the Nodos appear to be conflicting with each other.

In extremely violent battles, such as when two or more Nodos fight, they will go completely berserk, attacking and destroying everything around them, having been consumed by their own instincts. The Silver Tribe refer to this state as being in a "Frenzy". Aware of the Heroic Tribe having destroyed hundreds of solar systems while in a Frenzy, the Silver Tribe strives to prevent multiple Nodos from fighting each other, regardless of the cost.

Nilval Nephew Nilval Nephew

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