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Purana Mandir ( ) is a 1984 Indian Hindi-language horror film directed by the Ramsay brothers and produced by Kanta Ramsay.

Typical of Ramsay's other works, the film chronicles the story of a demonic magician Samri who after a violent standoff, curses a king that every female member of the latter's family would die at childbirth.

The film is set 200 years ago, with the royal procession of Raja Harimaansingh of the sultanate of Bijapur, stranded near the Kali Pahari (the Black Mountain). The Raja is concerned because his daughter Princess Rupali has disappeared near the lair of the devil-worshipper Samri. The princess wanders into the ruins of an old fortress and is promptly captured by Samri. He attacks by mesmerising her, then sucking out her life-force which turn her eyes white. During this process, Samri's eyes gleam blood red. Raja Harimansingh catches Samri in this act and orders him captured.

Samri is put on trial, where his terrible litany of crimes is read. He has performed various heinous acts to please his demonic spirit masters and enhance his own evil powers. While the rajpurohit (royal priest) suggests Samri be subjected to pure Agni i.e. to be cremated, the Raja proposes another sentence—Samri is to be decapitated, with the headless body to be buried behind the old temple at Kalighat and the head secured in a strong-box to be kept at the Raja's haveli (mansion). Samri pronounces his curse upon the Raja: "So long as my head is away from my body, every woman in your line shall die at childbirth; and when my head is rejoined to my body, I will arise and wipe out every living person in your dynasty."

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