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This is a list of characters from Disney's Frozen franchise, which consists of the animated films Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019), several short films and specials, and other media appearances.

The Trolls are creatures that camouflage themselves in the form of rocks, residing in the Valley of the Living Rock. When Kristoff brings Anna to them, the Trolls sing "Fixer Upper" in order to get them together. They also appear in LEGO Frozen Northern Lights, throwing a big party during Grand Pabbie's absence. The trolls also make a cameo appearance in the 2023 short film Once Upon a Studio, appearing in the form of rocks and causing Aladdin to slide on them.

Grand Pabbie is the leader of the trolls. He has magical abilities, which is why King Agnarr went looking for him when Anna was little and was hit on the head by Elsa's powers, which Big Pabbie helped her with, but made Anna forget Elsa's ice powers. Years later, after Anna is struck again by Elsa's ice powers, this time in her heart, Grand Pabbie tells her that there is nothing she can do since only an act of true love would save her.

In Frozen II, Grand Pabbie arrives with the other trolls in the town of Arendelle after suffering an earthquake, telling the protagonists that they will find the answers they are looking for to what happens in the Enchanted Forest, leaving him in the care of Arendelle during their absence.

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