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is a fictional character in the Final Fantasy series. She appears in Final Fantasy IV as one of its protagonists. She is able to summon entities, as can others from her village. She was created by Yoshitaka Amano. Her design in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was controversial, resulting in it being censored for an international release.

She is the daughter of a summoner from the village of Mist. Her mother summons the Mist Dragon, who protagonist Cecil Harvey and his ally Kain Highwind killed in self defense. Upon the death of the Mist Dragon, Rydia’s mother also perishes. Rydia joins Cecil after he inadvertently destroys her village, not knowing that a package he was delivering was meant to destroy it. She is originally cold towards Cecil, although he would apologize and promises to protect her from harm. Rydia has received generally positive reception and is considered a fan favorite. She is considered one of the best Final Fantasy characters, and her outfit and hair design is considered iconic.

Rydia's design was created by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. Her outfit design in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was changed for international releases in order to be less revealing. She is a powerful summoner. She is voiced by Noriko Shitaya in Japanese and Caroline Macey in English.

Rydia is one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy IV. When Cecil and Kain travel through the Mist Cave to reach Mist, they kill the Mist Dragon that was summoned to protect the village. As Eidolons are directly linked to their Summoner, Cecil and Kain inadvertently kill Rydia's mother in the process. They also set the entire village on fire by inadvertently releasing a Bomb Ring. Rydia becomes enraged when she learns of their actions, using Titan to cause an earthquake that separates them but injuring herself in the process. Cecil takes her to Kaipo, and when she regains her senses, she initially cannot forgive him, although she does agree to join him after he defends her from some Baron soldiers. Later, Rydia is swallowed by the Eidolon Leviathan and taken to the Feymarch, the Land of the Eidolons which Leviathan rules alongside his Queen, Ashura. Due to the different flow of time in the Feymarch, she physically matures during her stay despite being gone only a short time in the real world. Having mastered summoning and black magic at the expense of white magic, she saves Cecil from Golbez's Shadow Dragon in the Dwarven Castle's Crystal Room and rejoins the party for the rest of the story. At the end of the game, she returns to the Land of Eidolons.

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