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Emma Goodall

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The fictional characters of Power Rangers Megaforce include the Power Rangers, their enemies, and their friends and allies in the battle.

The Megaforce Power Rangers are the eponymous protagonist of the series. They are five teenagers with attitude chosen by Gosei to save the Earth from the Warstar. They live in the fictional city of Harwood County. To transform into the Megaforce Rangers, they use the Gosei Morphers by calling out "It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!". They are constantly training to keep up with the growing strength of their enemies. They wield the Power Cards in battle, which they use to perform certain attacks and to summon their personal weapons which merge to form the Megaforce Blaster. Each Ranger carries a Mega Blaster as a side arm that they use for special attacks. While in Ultra Mode, they each bear a lightweight, waistcoat-like shield and wield an Ultra Sword powered by an Ultra Zord. They are later joined by the mechanical Robo Knight when the Toxic Mutants emerge to pollute the Earth and by the human-like alien Orion during the second season Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Also, Gosei gives them the Legendary Morphers, which they use to access the more powerful Super Mega Mode and Legendary Ranger Mode to morph into any of the previous 19 teams of Power Rangers. In Super Mega Mode they wield their Super Mega Blasters and Super Mega Sabers. By occasionally switching their weapons with each other they can double their blasting and sword powers.

Troy Burrows is the Megaforce Red Ranger and leader of the Mega Rangers. He is new in town and a loner to start with, but he quickly gains friends when he is recruited to lead Megaforce. He is very skilled in martial arts. He had a tough upbringing that made him responsible and focused, making Troy leader material in the opinion of Gosei, which when combined with his compassion, loyalty, and support of the underdog, makes him the perfect role model for a Ranger. Troy also has dreams involving his team's predecessors fighting an unknown evil, a premonition that eventually comes true, in the finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. He is the most skillful of the Rangers and holds an unbreakable fighting spirit and complete belief in humankind's potential as a species to work together and beat the odds. He is also Emma's love interest which is often seen due to his strong bond and immense care towards Emma.

He wields the Dragon Sword in battle and pilots the Dragon MechaZord. He wields the elemental power of air.

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