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Mayor Henry Waters (The Angel)

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It's a Wonderful Knife is a 2023 American slasher comedy film directed by Tyler MacIntyre and written by Michael Kennedy. It stars Jane Widdop, Jess McLeod, Joel McHale, Katharine Isabelle, William B. Davis, and Justin Long. It is a spin on the 1946 Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life; however, instead of the lead character recognizing his previous good deeds, the character Winnie discovers how many deaths she has prevented in her town.

The film was released by RLJE Films on November 10, 2023, followed by its streaming release on Shudder on December 1, 2023. It received mixed reviews from critics.

In the town of Angel Falls, Winnie Carruthers is celebrating the Christmas season with her friends and family. During the party, Winnie witnesses her best friend Cara being murdered by a masked assailant (referred to as "The Angel"). Winnie and her brother Jimmy chase The Angel outside, where Winnie is able to successfully kill The Angel by electrocuting him with jumper cables. Winnie unmasks the killer and recognizes him as Henry Waters, a business partner of her father David.

One year later, Winnie is still grieving the death of Cara and has become depressed. Going to be alone at a bridge, Winnie looks up at the lights of the aurora in the sky, and declares that she wishes she had never been born. Suddenly, the aurora disappears, and the town's power to briefly go out before returning. Winnie looks around in confusion, and, upon seeing a dying person, tries to get help. Much to her confusion, the town's sheriff is now Henry Waters's brother Buck, who claims he does not recognize her. She is then scared into silence upon being greeted by Henry Waters, whom is now the town mayor. Winnie gets away and goes to see her family, who also don't recognize her, and she realizes she has been transferred into an alternate universe in which she never existed, meaning that The Angel is still alive and has already killed several more people since the previous year, including Jimmy.

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